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The Install Manager is a new installation utility that has been introduced into the installer part of Renesas tools. In addition to the conventional standard install feature, it now offers a multi-install feature that permits you to build multiple High-performance Embedded Workshop environments in a single PC. Refer to this page for the background behind the introduction of the Install Manager and examples for making use of it.

For regular application development, we recommend using the standard install feature (single environment) as in the past. The multi-install feature (multi-environments) is intended for use by senior personnel to cope with special needs. Please note that multi-install requires complicated status management and the observance of several precautions by the developers themselves.

[Standard Install]

Build one version of the High-performance Embedded Workshop environment in one PC as is conventionally practiced. If the High-performance Embedded Workshop version included in the package that you are installing is newer than the existing environment, the High-performance Embedded Workshop currently present in the PC will be updated to the new version.


Build multiple High-performance Embedded Workshop environments in one PC. This install feature permits you to prepare multiple environments comprised of different High-performance Embedded Workshop versions. When performing a multi-installation, only one specified environment out of the multiple environments you've built is activated to become usable. While one environment is active, all other environments remain inactive and are invisible to the user. (Active environments are switched from one to another by the Install Manager. This is also one job that the Install Manager does.)

Operating Environment

Refer to Operating Environments of Products.

Version Information

Latest Ver.: V.1.03.01
Released: Oct 1, 2009
Details of upgrade (Tool News)

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