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R8C/36T-A touch-key


Sensor Control Unit (TSCU) for capacitive touch sensors added to standard peripherals. System control as well as electrostatic capacitive touch detection of a maximum of 28 channels of input on a single chip. Perfect for customers wanting stable touch detection even in the rigorous noisy environments demanded by consumer and industrial applications, and customers considering system cost reduction by integrating system control and touch detection on a single chip. Maximum operating frequency is 20 MHz. 64-pin package is available.


CPU core: R8C 16-bit CPU core
Minimum instruction execution time:
50 nsec (f(Xin) = 20 MHz)
Supply voltage:
2.7 to 5.5 V/Max. 20 MHz, 1.8 to 5.5 V/Max. 5 MHz
64 KB/6 KB, 96 KB/8 KB, 128 KB/10 KB
(RAM: 0.5 KB for touch detection)
Data flash: 1 KB x 4 blocks (Touch setting values can be stored.), with background operation (BGO) function*1
DTC (Data transfer controller): 1 ch
ELC (Event link controller)*2: 1 ch
Clock generation circuits: 4 circuits
- XIN-XOUT main clock (oscillation stop detection circuit included)
- XCIN-XCOUT sub clock
- High-speed on-chip oscillator (40 MHz)
- Low-speed on-chip oscillator (125 kHz)
Voltage detection circuit (LVD):
3 circuits (detection levels selectable)
Power-on reset (POR) circuit
Watchdog timer: 1 ch (supports hardware reset, selectable low-speed on-chip oscillator for the watchdog timer)
Multifunction timer: 4 ch
- 8-bit timer 1 ch (Timer RE2)
- 16-bit timer 3 ch (Timer RB2, Timer RC, Timer RJ)
Real-time clock timer: 1ch
- 8-bit timer 1 ch (Timer RE2)
Serial interface: 3 ch
- Clock synchronous/UART: 3 ch
I2C/SSU*3: 1 circuit
Hardware LIN: 1 ch (UART & Timer RJ)
CRC calculator
A/D converter: 10-bit x 12 ch
Comparator: 2 circuits
Touch detector (TSCU)*4: 28-input (shared with I/O ports)
(Reduces power consumption by allowing touch detection in wait mode.)
I/O ports: Input/Output: 59, Input only: 1
(Large-current drive capacity is provided. Variable input threshold values: 3 values)
64-pin LQFP (10 mm x 10 mm, 0.5 mm pitch)
64-pin LQFP (14 mm x 14 mm, 0.8 mm pitch)

Block Diagram

R8C/36T-A Group block diagram

*1: A function to read the program ROM area during data flash programming or block erase operation.
*2: Events output from peripheral functions can be linked to events input to different peripheral functions.
*3: Synchronous serial communication unit
*4: Sensor control unit



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